Test User: Occupational, Ability in Test Administration Level A


Test User: Occupational, Ability in Test Administration TUA

(Formerly the BPS certificate of competence in occupational testing, Level A).

The course covers all competencies and standards laid down by the BPS for those who wish to be registered as Assistant Test Users.

It includes:

  • Test administration and scoring.
  • Security and data protection maintenance.

This distance learning option includes: module based remote learning, webinar sessions, information videos, coaching and individual support from our consultant psychologists who are available throughout your training via telephone, webcam and email, interactive exercises, workbook assessments with feedback to embed skills and learning.


What you will learn:

  • How to administer, interpret and feedback test effectively
  • How to choose the most appropriate test for different purposes
  • How to integrate psychometric data into selection, recruitment and development processes
  • Give best-practice feedback to candidates
  • How to use and store tests legally, ethically and fairly to ensure lawful selection processes
  • Link assessments to job success and performance
  • A deeper understanding of the technical concepts of psychometrics (such as reliability and validity) to help you evaluate their usefulness & applicability of test from any publisher.

Summary of benefits:

  • Ability to access people for recruitment and development projects in a variety of contexts, providing you with the knowledge to test many different nuances of aptitude and ability
  • Enables access to all ability, aptitude and attainment tests from all test publishers
  • Accredited by the CPD Standards Office with an award of 23 hours
  • Qualifies you to be included on the BPS Register of Assistant Test Users (we will confirm your qualification with them direct and they will then contact you with details on how to register with them, should you wish to do so).
  • Individuals are then eligible to enroll on the next course for the attainment of the BPS Test User: Occupational, Personality (TUP) programme and qualification (formerly level B) once completed these two qualifications also lead to the internationally recognised Euro-Test Certificate.

The course is for anyone wishing to qualify as a Psychometric Practitioner including:

  • Human Resource (HR) Professionals
  • Line Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Talent Development Professionals
  • Teachers and Teaching Assistants
  • Occupational Psychology Practitioners
  • Business Consultancy
  • Recruitment Experts
  • Coaches & Counsellors
  • Training Consultants
  • Organisational Development Specialists

This course is available to start immediately £450.00 plus VAT, includes UK postage & packaging.

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