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  • OPQ32 Personality Questionnaire CEB-SHL from £99.00 plus vat
  • Identity The Self-perception Questionnaire £65.00 plus vat

Price freeze until the end of June on the following:

  • CEB SHL Verbal Reasoning Test £20.00 plus vat
  • CEB SHL Numerical Reasoning Test £20.00 plus vat

At Quest Partnership, we strive to help organisations achieve their goals through the most innovative selection and development of their people. We also understand that businesses are busy and one-size doesn’t fit all!

That’s why we have launched our Test & Assess website for those that would like to access a comprehensive range of proven online tests and assessments. The site includes a range of Verbal Reasoning Tests, Psychometric tests, Myers Briggs, CEB – SHL tests, OPQ tests, Identity Personality Profiling Questionnaires and Numerical Reasoning Tests. All in a user-friendly manner.

Quest are a highly trusted Occupational Psychology Service Provider and we have a leading position in the industry. Our online tests service will give you the same Quest service that you would expect to receive in person, at our assessment centres, or over the phone.  You will be able to easily access cost effective tests, assessment and development tools provided by us and other leading test publishers.

If you are Test User trained (Formerly BPS Level A & B or Level 2) then that will be beneficial, but it is not essential that you have had training in psychometrics as Quest will provide the professional support to ensure you understand the test results.  Test & Assess includes a wide variety of online tests including:

A full range of Psychometric tests, aptitude tests and online tests

A Psychometric test provides the most accurate and objective measures of performance and work preferences, and therefore can help you make informed selection decisions. Our online service provides a comprehensive range of tests and will not only save you time but we offer a valued professional service.

Aptitude tests and CEB tests such as OPQ tests

Click on the Test & Assess icon in the top right hand corner of this page to discover a plethora of market leading CEB tests such as OPQ tests and a wide range of aptitude tests …. and much more!

At Quest Partnership our goal is to help organisations to optimise their people’s potential. Test & Assess will give you the online tools to achieve this. If you have any queries about our new Test & Assess service, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

(CEB tests formerly SHL tests)



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