Psychometrics using tests and assessments is the branch of psychology that uses tests for the objective measurement of aptitude, ability, attainment, intelligence and personality traits.

Our comprehensive range of online psychometric tests cover the entire employee lifecycle from screening tests for job applicants to skills tests for developing your current staff.


Quest Partnership are not only independent psychometric test providers, we also provide impartial advice and specialise in designing psychometrics for leading organisations and provide psychometric testing training.

Choice and access is an important part of our service.  As a verified BPS psychometric test author we provide our own tests and assessments but we also have licenses to provide tests from other authors such as: CEB-SHL, Watson Glaser, ISV, MBTI.

Please use our Test & Assess  service to access the full range of tests we supply.

Or contact us directly to find the right tests for your candidates with full support as appropriate to get the most out of the reports.

Bespoke Psychometrics

We also provide bespoke solutions and semi-bespoke solutions such as our Job Specific Personality Reports.  Our bespoke psychometrics are designed to meet your specific needs. Quest Partnership has the skills to quickly research role requirements and take an evidence-based approach that will ensure you will have a highly predictive assessment approach that will identify the most suitable candidates.

We have experience in pioneering the use of tailored psychometrics in key high stakes recruitment situations e.g. in high-risk safety-compliant cultures, for example, in the nuclear and construction industries.

Bespoke tests and questionnaires can be suitably branded or customised with your logo to ensure greater credibility and relevance. The content can also be designed to explicitly communicate your company values and competencies.

Clients we have delivered bespoke psychometrics for include: CEB SHL, BSkyB, EDF Energy, Autoglass, B&Q., British Energy, Berkeley Group, Usay, Local Authorities, Military Departments.

Please contact us on 01285 861734 to discuss your needs.


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