Assessment Centres

Assessment Centres, Design, Delivery and Solutions

Whatever your assessment projects, no matter how large or small. From testing a few candidates online to designing and running your assessment centres, we are happy to work with you to provide whatever assessment service you require.

Assessment Centres

Assessment Centres enable you to observe current behaviours, discuss candidates’ preferences, motivations and strengths, whilst also focusing on their potential for a long-term perspective.

Our Assessment Centre (ACs) efficiency improves yours and adhere to the new British Psychological Society (BPS) Standard as Max Choi is a Co-convener of the BPS AC Standards Working Group. With many years’ experience using the highest quality assessment methods available, we follow best practice to ensure the best people are recruited for each job.

With experience in delivering large-scale graduate recruitment, through to senior executive assessments, Quest Partnership will help you to make substantial efficiencies in your recruitment process. The standards of our professionalism are reflected in the quality of your ACs and together we can help to:

  • Implement objective Assessment Centres that enhance the candidate experience
  • Provide full support throughout the Assessment Centre process from job analysis, design of exercises to delivery and evaluation
  • Design highly-tailored exercises that really reflect your business needs or providing ‘off-the-shelf’ assessments
  • Validate the business impact of your Assessment Centres and demonstrate effectiveness
  • Provide feedback to internal staff and recruits which drives their development
  • Advise on diversity and Equal Opportunities


Assessment Centre Design

Quest Partnership consultants use SMART initiatives to revolutionise how we deliver assessment centres for our clients.

From Exercise Design through to Full Delivery Consultancy we will help you put the best people in the right roles, and minimise the risk of a wrong hire. Using proven, objective measures we provide expert support for all stages of assessment. From carrying out Job Analysis, Designing Bespoke Exercises and Training Assessors, to Delivering Assessment Centres and Evaluating their effectiveness we cover all aspects of the Assessment Process.

Innovative Solutions

At Quest Partnership we thrive on providing fresh thinking and unique solutions for our clients. We strive to develop creative processes rather than used tired approaches so you can future-proof your recruitment and stay ahead of your competition.

Off-the-shelf or bespoke Assessment Centre Exercise Design

We appreciate that no one size fits all, tailored recruitment solutions are imperative to finding the right person for your role.

What you do need is choice. The choice of being able to benefit from a proven ‘off the shelf’ solution or one that’s bespoke designed to meet your individual objectives at a competitive price.

All the ‘off the shelf’ assessments that we provide were developed to ensure candidates have the most fair and comprehensive opportunity to demonstrate their suitability.  Bespoke exercises are specifically designed to simulate key aspects of the role and provide candidates with a realistic job-preview in line with your organisations values or competencies. This option is optimal and suggested when a high degree of industry realism and job relevance is required.



Our Commitment To You

  • Support you in becoming an employer of choice in the eyes of high potential applicants
  • Help you assure those applicants right from the start know that your organisation meets their aspirations
  • Help you ensure fair and equal competition amongst all your candidates
  • Help you provide full compliance with leading practice and employment legislation
  • Help you to promote a powerful company image and show that you are serious about the people you have and the people you want


Please visit testandassess to view our full range of proven off-the-shelf Assessment Centre Exercises and Tests.


Rights to the bespoke materials are held by the organisation and can be used repeatedly by the organisation at no extra cost.  Please Contact us  to discuss your specific requirements.


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