Recruitment Assessment and Selection Tools for Human Resource Professionals

recruitment, assessment and selection

Recruitment, Assessment and Selection Tools 

Recruitment, How to Select People Who Will Perform

We support human resource professionals with recruitment, assessment and selection tools.  We provide Online Psychometric tests including: Personality Profiling, Ability and Aptitude tests, along with both published and bespoke Assessment Centre Exercises to improve the quality of your recruitment processes and ultimately your selection decisions.

We recognise that it is essential that organisations get the best quality applicants from their recruitment procedures and that selecting the best candidates is crucial to supporting their business success. Our tools give an insight into which applicants should become candidates by providing evidence based information at the early stages in the recruitment process. This enables recruiters to narrow down the field of applicants to those who posses the correct job knowledge, experience and qualifications required for that the role and how they may fit within their organisations workplace culture prior to going to interview.

Whatever the size of your business, and whatever the challenge, from high volume recruiting to specific roles we have the processes and tools to support your human resource team to achieve their goals.

Make a Difference to your Organisation

You can make demonstrable improvements to your recruitment that will lead to greater business advantage. Whether you are focused on the capability of your lead team or the staff groups who interact with your customers, we deliver solutions that create results and measurable outcomes.

Enhance your Reputation and Brand

Recruitment is always about the relationship with candidates so it is critical that the impression you create affords the opportunity for a win-win outcome.  A professional, valid assessment process that offers a valuable candidate experience shows you are serious about your people. Research shows that high performers are more likely to accept offers from these businesses. After all, it is the candidate who makes the final decision.

To aid your assessment strategy – we specialise in all aspects of:

  • Designing and Delivering Effective Assessment Centres (ACs)
  • Psychometric tests for shortlisting and recruitment
  • Personality Profiling Questionnaires – identity
  • Structured Competency-Based Interviews
  • Online assessment exercises
  • Validation of your assessment processes

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