Psychometric Training Test User: Occupational Free Conversion Course

Psychometric Training Free Conversion Course

We are offering a limited number of free Psychometric Training Personality Identity Conversion Courses to people who have a Level 2 Test User: Personality qualification with another test publisher.

Our Identity Questionnaire is an online personality profiling tool, it is a self-perception questionnaire that supports recruitment, development and talent management. It is a reliable trait-based measure of personality employed by Human Resource (HR) professionals to predict workplace behaviour and job performance. It measures 36 areas of personality including interpersonal relationship building, cognitive thinking, judgement, decision making, drive, empathy and motivation.

With over 10 reports to choose from, completing identity will give you the freedom to use the information to suit your specific needs – be that selection & recruitment, onboarding new starters, developing existing colleagues or helping with career guidance.

As we are offering this conversion training free of charge we do only run a few courses a year and the places are given out strictly on a first-come, first served basis. The training requires 1 hour pre-course reading, the completion of the Identity self-perception questionnaire and then 4 hours in the classroom with one of our Business Psychologists here in the Cotswolds.

Features & Benefits:

What makes identity different to other personality questionnaires?

  • No costly license fees – instead it operates via a simple set up, pay-per-link system. It wants to provide valuable information at an affordable price.
  • Full support –That’s why we have a team of experienced Occupational Psychologists on-hand to support you to get the most from the reports.
  • Control in using the tool. With the appropriate level of training, we are happy to give you access to your own account, report branding and let you take full control of using the questionnaire.
  • Confidence in the reports – whether it be in an interview setting, talent management programme or for learning & development purposes.
  • Simple and effective – There’s no need to over-complicate things, instead we keep it simple. Your data is presented in a clear, concise report format, making it easy to understand and use, so that it can add real value to your organisation.
  • Full bureau service – There’s never enough hours in the day, so to make it easier for you, we are happy to provide you with a quick, hassle-free bureau service, ensuring quick report turnaround all for one set price.
  • Complimentary Feedback Reports for all users – The data we collect ultimately belongs to the individual, therefore, it is our policy that everyone receives a FREE Feedback Report on completion of the questionnaire.

Our next course is being run on the 26th September 2017 at 14:30 here in our offices in South Cerney. The course is also Accredited by the CPD Standards Office giving an award of 5 CPD hours.  To book your place please call TK Wu on: 01285 861734.

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