Psychometric Training for Human Resource Professionals via Distance Learning

Psychometrics supporting Human Resource Projects ~ Accredited training now available via Distance Learning.

The performance implications of Human Resource Professionals in 2018 has never been so scrutinised. In this ever increasingly competitive world, Business are realising the implications of HR roles on their organisational strategy. It is now crucial that their HR teams can predict an individual’s performance within their role along with their fit within the company.

We have seen a steady increase in the number of organisations relying less on a comprehensive list of academic qualifications to short list and more towards the candidate’s long-term potential and attitude being measured by psychometric tests.

With retention also high on the agenda for business & HR experts, the use of Psychometrics really come into their own, revealing an individual’s work preferences, which easily highlight whether that person is suitable for that role or even to join the organisation.

Psychometric assessments are a fast and cost-effective way of identifying existing employee’s skills gaps and training needs. Psychometric tests are a reliable, evidenced way of understanding how best to support an individual’s personal development, yet according to our customer base, only around a third of business are using them for talent development.

However, this is not the case with our overseas clients, where demand is very much on the increase within talent management, this appears to be directly in-line with an increase in confidence in psychometric testing globally and the facility to be able to learn how to use them via distance learning.  Our overseas client’s expectation is that their Human Resource professionals will require specific accredited training to understand them and they want this training as they have confidence in the results of psychometrics.

We decided to try and find out why more overseas clients are training their staff and using psychometrics within all areas of Human Resources compared to our UK business clients. We did this by inviting a number of H.R. professionals from both existing and potential clients to discuss with us their hesitations and concerns regarding the use, and the training in psychometrics. The overwhelming response was regarding psychometric training and how they thought that it was a difficult, even a scary subject to learn, and also extremely time consuming.  Most were genuinely surprised to find that individual’s no longer have to commit to days out of the office, that with the introduction of British accredited distance learning options, the training can be conducted where and when it suits the individual.

Our distance learning options are available for enrolment continuously, they are accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS) or the CPD Standards Office and in many cases by both.  Our fully trained tutors are qualified Business Psychologists and registered with the BPS, they will be on hand to guide you throughout your training.

Psychometric Training

The full Level 2 Test User: Occupational, Ability & Personality (formerly level A & B) is only £1250.00 plus VAT. The price includes everything needed to gain this qualification in as little as 65 hours. However, there is no deadline ensuring the individual has full flexibility to complete the course in a time scale that suits their own personal circumstances.

For further information or to enrol please visit: or call: 01285 861734

Psychometric Training

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