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Personality Profiling Questionnaire ~ identity

A Self-Perception & Performance Prediction Tool.


Identity Accredited Personality Tool


How do you select the best person for the role? How do you know if they will fit in with your organisation’s ethos? Our Personality Profiling Questionnaire provides you with an objective report that flags personality traits and behaviours that need further probing when you interview candidates. Whatever the role you are looking to fill personality profiling gives you an insight into the candidates potential for achieving success within your organisation and reduces the risk of a bad hire.  In addition, we do not believe you should have to pay to train individuals to use it – we train you and your colleagues free of charge!


Personality Profiling

identity is an online personality profiling tool, it is a self-perception questionnaire that supports recruitment, development and talent management. It is a reliable trait-based measure of personality employed by Human Resource (HR) professionals to predict workplace behaviour and job performance. it measures 36 areas of personality including interpersonal relationship building, cognitive thinking, judgement, decision making, drive, empathy and motivation.

With over 10 reports to choose from, completing identity will give you the freedom to use the information to suit your specific needs – be that selection & recruitment, onboarding new starters, developing existing colleagues or helping with career guidance.


identity the Self-Perception Questionnaire is used successfully by leading companies all over the world and is an accredited Test User Level 2 tool, certified by the British Psychological Society.



Identity has been specifically designed for Human Resource Professionals to use without the need for any formal Psychology Qualifications.  The reports are generated to provide you with practical information for real-world use.  When recruiting for example, our Pre-interview report provides you with suggested areas and questions for further probing during the interview. The information is provided with the additional security that our Business Psychologists are on hand to support you throughout your task via telephone, email or even conference calls.

However, we appreciate that the most effective way to use this product is to have someone show you how to apply it within the workplace which is why we offer training for individuals in our offices here in the beautiful Cotswolds FREE of charge. For available dates and to book your place please scroll down and complete the form below or call us on 01285 861734.

If you have a team that you would like to have trained on-site then we will do our best to accomodate your request please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Features & Benefits:

What makes identity different to other personality questionnaires?

  • No costly license fees – instead it operates via a simple set up, pay-per-link system. It wants to provide valuable information at an affordable price.
  • Full support –That’s why we have a team of experienced Occupational Psychologists on-hand to support you to get the most from the reports.
  • Control in using the tool. With the appropriate level of training, we are happy to give you access to your own account, report branding and let you take full control of using the questionnaire.
  • Confidence in the reports – whether it be in an interview setting, talent management programme or for learning & development purposes.
  • Simple and effective – There’s no need to over-complicate things, instead we keep it simple. Your data is presented in a clear, concise report format, making it easy to understand and use, so that it can add real value to your organisation.
  • Full bureau service – There’s never enough hours in the day, so to make it easier for you, we are happy to provide you with a quick, hassle-free bureau service, ensuring quick report turnaround all for one set price.
  • Complimentary Feedback Reports for all users – The data we collect ultimately belongs to the individual, therefore, it is our policy that everyone receives a FREE Feedback Report on completion of the questionnaire.


Why should I use identity?     

Which candidate to choose?

  • identity is versatile. It can be used to support you across all areas of HR – from short-listing job applicants, interviewing, high volume recruitment and internal promotion, there’s an identity report applicable each scenario, a valuable performance prediction questionnaire.
  • identity is tried and tested. Unlike many other self-perception questionnaires available on the market identity has been accredited by the British Psychological Society. This means that it has undergone considerable empirical testing to ensure that is a reliable and valid measure of an individual personality preferences, which gives us confidence in the data we are presenting and the value it can add.
  • identity goes beyond face value. It provides an in-depth analysis of response style and is able to reliably spot evidence of potential faking, exaggeration, poor self-reviewing or emotional defensiveness.



How might I use it in a recruitment setting?

So we know that skill and abilities are important, but understanding what makes us behave or think the way we do can be even more imperative to ensuring an appropriate fit to the role and organisational culture.

Supporting the interview: The indicators highlighted by identity will provide you with indicators of how an individual might perform in your business and can support you when making key recruitment decisions.

The Pre-interview report The identity Pre-Interview report takes the individuals data and matches them against 8 leadership competences. Structured around providing you with flags of issues to probe further, the Pre-Interview Report not only provides you with a descriptor of the candidate’s preferred styles of working but also some key probing questions we know will help you when it comes to assessing them at interview.


What about if I want to ensure staff engagement?

Well, this is where we think we can add even more value. Unlike other questionnaires that force you to pay extra for different reports, identity believes in providing the whole package. And we have just that – Our Recruitment Package! 3 different reports for the 3 stages of a selection process – Pre-interview reports the hiring team, a Work Preferences Report for the successful new hire and an Onboarding New Starter Report for their new manager to kick-start the relationship off and optimise engagement from day 1. Not forgetting of course, that there’s still the Feedback Report as a given for all those that took part!


Purchasing Options:

Identity costs & benefits


identity Quick Facts

  • Designed by Chartered Psychologists with extensive test development experience.
  • Normative personality assessment tool.
  • Multiple response style indicators.Self-perception questionnaire
  • 36 aspects of personality assessed under: Interpersonal Style, Thinking Style and Internal Style.
  • Assessed by and registered with the British Psychological Society Psychological Testing Centre (PTC).
  • Completed in around 30 minutes.
  • Comprehensive reports – pay once per candidate and generate unlimited reports.
  • Exceptional validity (the most important deciding factor when using psychometric tests!)


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We offer a number of options for gaining the British Psychological Society Accredited Level 2 Test User: Occupational, Ability and Personality Qualification. For further details: See Here 

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