Division of Occupational Psychology Annual Conference 2019

Occupational Psychology Conference

Division of Occupational Psychology Annual Conference 2019

09 -11 January 2019, Crowne Plaza, Chester.

The 2019 conference theme is ‘Thriving at work’.

Occupational Psychology and what does Thriving at Work mean and what needs to be in place for it to happen? The DOP conference theme for 2019 reflects the contribution that occupational psychologists, can make in the workplace as they are uniquely placed to support individuals and organisations to thrive.

As always, the conference will showcase new research, thought leadership and an exciting array of Keynote speakers including Quest Partnership’s very own Max Choi and Quest Assessment’s Alan Howard to explore theory and practice in this increasingly VUCA world.

Max and Alan will be presenting their paper today 10th January 2019 at 12:05 ~ The bottom line: Leadership skills strongly influence “whole country” productivity in the Dance Studio, Standard Paper – Ref: 2016.

This will be immediately followed by their paper at 12:35, where they will by joined by Johnny Mitchell  ~ An Alternative to Personality Questionnaires: Introducing Personality Tasks in the Cornwall, Standard Paper – Ref: 2013.

Objective Personality TasksThis years DOP conference is a fantastic event for Max, Alan & Johnny to introduce Mosaic – Objective Personality Tasks.

This follows a number of global presentations where Alan Howard and TK Wu have been introducing Personality Tasks to business as an alternative to Personality Questionnaires.

Self-report personality questionnaires are the traditional and an accepted means of assessing personality. They present an alternative to personality questionnaires: personality tasks – with the changing nature of work, traditional ways of assessment need to change. Questionnaires suffer from distortion such as social desirability responding and errors due to poor self awareness. The alternative approach – Objective Personality Tasks or OPTs – directly assess personality through task performance.

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