Dissertation Research Project | Volunteers needed for new Business Data Evaluation Questionnaire.

Would you be interested in trying out our new Management / Graduate Level test that assesses real business information handling skills?

We are looking for volunteers to help with a student’s Dissertation Research Project – by completing a Business Data Evaluation Questionnaire.

We would greatly appreciate it if you would consider supporting Ruari Fangman who is a postgraduate student on an MSc Occupational Psychology programme. He is working with us on the development and trialling of a new questionnaire for measuring verbal and numerical ability.

This is a High Level Test, aimed at Management and Graduates, so if you are looking for a mental challenge then please read on and let us know if you do complete it and we will then enter you into a raffle with a chance to win a £100.00 Amazon voucher.

For his dissertation he requires volunteers to complete a 60-minute questionnaire to measure verbal and numerical ability.  The questionnaire can be completed in up to 6 parts allowing you to save and return at your convenience.

The information collected will be anonymised, combined and then analysed for Ruari’s research project.

Quest Partnership will provide feedback to participants direct who wish to have it, but as we are still in the research stage this will not be available for a couple of months, we apologise for the time line, but we feel that it is crucial that we do all we can to ensure accuracy before getting back to you.

The introduction page via this link gives you more information regarding Ruari’s research including details of the UWE Psychology Ethics approval.

Thanking you in advance for your help, please follow this link to start.


If you would like to receive feedback from Quest Partnership Ltd then please email: admin@questpartnership.co.uk with the code that you generated when completing the questionnaire, as soon as the research is ready we will send this to you.  You will have 6 months from completion to request confidential feedback after that time we will remove your details from our records.

Kind regards,


Max Choi CPsychol AFBPsS

Managing Director,

Quest Partnership Ltd


If you would like any further information please complete our online enquiry form, call: 01285 861734 or email:admin@questpartnership.co.uk and we will get straight back to you.

Dissertation Research

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