Leadership Development Centre Design and Delivery

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Leadership Development Centre Design and Delivery

We can help you deliver high-impact talent interventions that will be celebrated in your organisation. We can help you deliver the most appropriate leadership development centre process and interventions to achieve your objectives, whether this be purely about development, or whether you need an assessment element to help your succession planning and feeding your talent pipeline.Leadership Development Centre Process

It is imperative that leadership development centres link in with your wider and longer-term strategy for improving the performance of your organisation. Linking Development Centres with wider HR and other business activities is key to driving your business forward. Specifically designed Development Centres can benefit your organisation by helping all involved to minimise the knowledge gap, get participants to understand their strengths and development areas whilst ensuring real, measurable and long-lasting change. Supported throughout the process, we can work with you to help implement self-development plans and ongoing follow-up processes to monitor progress and actions.

 Our approach to leadership development

  • Our development centres focus on instilling self-driven learning and incorporate new ways of thinking to challenge the taken-for-granted assumptions that your participants may bring to the centre, which may inhibit their potential.
  • We empower your people to aid them in making their own choices. Individual leadership styles are as unique as your employees’ own personalities. That’s why we focus on ‘Authentic Leadership’.
  • We use professional actors in our leadership simulations to give our exercises a greater degree of realism and ensure the maximum experiential learning is gained.
  • To help with resource efficiency your own staff can be trained to act as skilled facilitators and observers. We will support them throughout and ensure they are provided with substantial training, immediate feedback and coaching. Audio-visual technology can also be used to give real and live feedback to participants.
  • A range of exercises can be incorporated into your centre, including role play meetings, group discussions, media handling exercises, in-tray/case studies, presentations, behavioural interviews and psychometrics.
  • We provide impartial expert advice and support companies to implement follow-up processes that ensure accountability, monitor progress and steer development.
  • All in all our focus is to ensure that individuals achieve real, demonstrable change that endures.

For more information on our leadership programmes and development centres, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your specific requirements.


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