Identity Recruitment Package Personality Profiling

Identity Recruitment package

Personality Profiling Questionnaire

Our identity Recruitment Package Includes:-

  • Pre-interview Report

  • Candidate Feedback Report

  • Onboarding Report

One identity Questionnaire provides the identity recruitment package, 3 reports (price per candidate completion NOT per report).

We recognise that it is essential that organisations get the best quality applicants from their recruitment procedures and that selecting the best candidates is crucial to supporting their business success. Our tools give an insight into which applicants should become candidates by providing evidence based information at the early stages in the recruitment process. This enables recruiters to narrow down the field of applicants to those who posses the correct job knowledge, experience and qualifications required for that the role and how they may fit within their organisations workplace culture prior to going to interview.

Whatever the size of your business, and whatever the challenge, from high volume recruiting to specific roles our identity recruitment package provides you with the processes and tools to support your human resource team to achieve their goals.

identity’ a BPS accredited and registered personality tool.

1. The Pre-Interview Report has been designed to distil the ‘identity’ profile into core indicators or competences to support your interview.

It will provide you with a rich insight into your candidate’s preferred ways of working and enable you to plan questions before even meeting them.

Key Facts:

  • Intended for Hiring Managers
  • Structured around competences
  • Includes text interpretation
  • Followed by Probing Questions
  • Behavioural based
  • Situational Context
  • Specific and relevant to performance


2. The Onboarding Report is a unique tool designed to help managers to understand their new team member.

Used as part of a broader onboarding process, this report can help both to consider key strengths, potential areas to manage/ develop and how they can work effectively together.

The report is designed to aid interactive discussion, encouraging managers to sit down with their new team members early on and find out how to bring out the best in them.

Key Facts:

  • Intended for Managers & New Appointees
  • Concise, rank ordered information
  • Short text interpretation
  • Considers strengths and potential drawbacks of preferences
  • Stimulates discussion straight away


3. The Feedback report is designed specifically for your candidates. At the end of the recruitment process, it gives you the opportunity to give something back to them from the process.

The feedback report is informative and will allow the individual to learn about their own preferences, consider what strengths they might have but also areas for development or further consideration.

Key Facts:

  • Can be passed to Unsuccessful & Successful Candidates
  • Breaks the profile into 6 sections
  • Short text interpretation
  • Includes potential strengths and drawbacks of preferences
  • Shows you are serious about your candidates


Benefits of Using Our identity Recruitment Package:-

  • identity is a high quality, researched occupational personality questionnaire that is both accurate and predictive.
  • Unlike other providers, our recruitment package is comprehensive, accessible and simple to use.
  • The package is designed you make key recruitment decisions and select top performers.
  • The recruitment package is ideal for all staff resourcing applications including short-listing job applicants, interviewing, high volume recruitment, onboarding and internal promotion.
  • Reports can be branded with your logo at no additional cost


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