identity Personality Profiling Solution

identity personality profiling solution


The Complete Personality

Profiling Solution



identity is a self-perception questionnaire that has been specifically developed to support Businesses with their staff development providing a complete Personality Profiling Solution. It is a high quality, researched personality questionnaire that is both accurate and predictive. It is comprehensive, accessible and simple to use.  identity provides you with an insight into how a candidate or staff member will perform in your business and helps you make key talent decisions and select top performers.

identity is ideal for developing key staff, coaching and team-building.

Staff Development.

Predicts performance, being a personality profiling solution, identity is fully validated for making sensitive decisions. Research shows that some scales of identity are more predictive of leadership performance than even ability tests or interviews.  The comprehensive report provides layers of rich information such as Team Profiles and Emotional Focus to support personal development and identify areas for further training.

Engages your staff, demonstrates that you are serious about their personal development, whilst increasing their feeling of value which in return increases their loyalty to your business.  Make the best use of your existing Talent by recognising their key skills and optimising their strengths to increase performance.

Flexible, Bespoke Solutions, add value for your partners, clients or customers by providing reports branded with your logo or structures against specific competencies.

Cost Efficient, reports can be purchased via our bureau service or by registering for your own identity platform. Details below:

1.) Full Bureau Service

identity is available for £65.00 (+ VAT) per report.  To enable you to comply with best practice procedure identity includes a complimentary Candidate Feedback Report which can be passed onto the applicants after any recruitment decision has been made.


  • Worry free admin, set-up and report generation
  • Applicable solution for untrained test users
  • Pay-as-you-go, no annual license fees

2.) Individual Online Account for clients

This service is available for trained Level 2 Test Users.  It enables you to send out links and generate your own reports without the need to contact us. Credits priced from £30 – £40 (+VAT) per candidate depending on volume purchased. Download as many of the different reports for just one price.


  • A simple pay-as-you-use credit system
  • No annual license fees
  • 10 different reports available per candidate for just one price

To set up your FREE on-line personality account please call us with details of your BPS qualification.

Telephone: 01285 861734


For information on how to become a BPS registered Level 2 Test User: Occupational please visit our Professional Training page or contact us for further details.



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