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Emerging Talent Leadership: Identify, Develop and Engage All Employees

Quest Partnership deliver innovative and inclusive leadership talent programmes. Find out how we challenged conventional practice and win industry awards. 

Wouldn’t it be great if… you could identify your future business leaders as early as possible in their career, feed your talent pipeline but, ALSO truly engage all employees and build a wider learning culture? Our approach, in partnership with career-development specialists, Talent & Potential Ltd, uses emerging talent processes to build a culture of self-driven learning, avoiding any stagnant ‘talent pools’, or blockages in your leadership structure.

Focus on Future Potential in ALL employees – harness diversity

An individual’s leadership style is as unique as their own personality.Emerging Talent Leadership Development

Our primary driver is to ensure fair and equal competition for all, and productivity through diversity. Our approach takes account of all aspects of individual differences, not just in terms of maximising cultural background and gender diversity in the workplace, but also in terms of personality and leadership styles. Our guiding principles help develop ‘authentic leadership’ by facilitating your people to embrace their strengths and weaknesses and become the leaders they want to be.

Some more conventional approaches can bias against certain personality types, such as those with an introvert preference, people who want to plan and prepare to do well, or people who may have specialised skills rather than being a good ‘all-rounder’.

Avoid the trap of assessing ‘readiness’, rather than Potential

Our approach avoids a single ‘snap-shot’ of employees’ current capability, instead focusing on the underlying precursors and drivers of future leadership career success.

Traditional approaches to assessment can produce measurements of ‘readiness’ for leadership roles rather than give participants the opportunity to demonstrate their drive and resolve to learn.

Relying on assessing readiness can reduce the risk of bad promotions in the short term, but can lead to blockages in the talent pipeline later when your more talented people cannot leap-frog managers who have later crashed-up against their ceiling in the hierarchy.

Development Centres – Flipped

In the traditional model, development actions happen after development centres, following receipt of participants’ diagnosed development areas. Our approach is that development happens before the development centre. Participants prepare several months in advance, and come to the event ready to show you the skills and approach they have developed. Assessing how proactive they have been prior to the event is a key predictor of their ambition to progress and transform themselves as a leader.

Proven Framework – Industry Recognition

Quest Partnership’s emerging talent and leadership development programmes have won industry awards and recognition by CIPD, Association of Graduate Recruiters, British Psychological Society, and won the 2014 Award for Excellence in Leadership Assessment by the Association of Business Psychologists.

We are Chartered Occupational Psychologists with over 20 years experience of designing objective, professional exercises and events to assess and develop employees.

Our recent award winning intervention, in collaboration with our partners at Talent & Potential Ltd, and a large international power utility resulted in the following metrics of success:

  • 30% shift in enabling personal ownership for development actions
  • 40% positive shift in senior managers understanding and visibility of talent in the organisation
  • 30% of participants listed as successors to leadership roles within 24 months
  • 35% of participants taking on broader responsibilities or moved onto new projects to develop new skills
  • Double the representation of women in the leadership pipeline compared with %age of overall workforce
  • 20% shift in attracting technical staff towards leadership careers.

We are easy to work with: fixed cost, replicating proven success

Our clients tell us we are easy to work with, in the sense that we don’t reinvent the wheel, and can provide an initial fixed, clear costing. We are also not in the business of shoe-horning your needs into a vanilla solution. We can adapt our approach as required to meet your current culture and stakeholder needs.

We can also collaborate with you to help you achieve your business objectives in many areas of HR, recruitment, leadership development, performance management, or talent management.

Do not hesitate to contact us for an obligation-free discussion about e.g.: assessment centres, assessment centre exercise design, leadership development centres or psychometric testing, at all levels of the organisation.

For more information about this programme, please contact us. We would be every happy to discuss your requirements.


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