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Online 360 Degree Feedback

This next-generation 360 degree online platform delivers a professional customer experience and drives your organisational performance, providing learning with the highest levels of reliability and quality to ensure that everyone within your business has the greatest confidence in the process.

Unique benefits of using our online 360 degree feedback platform include:

  • Encourages learning and performance – simple, clear development messages – our presentation avoids drowning people in graphs and data.
  • High impact for your customers – 100% customisable to your needs e.g. branding, competences, internal logistics, no ‘shoe-horning’ required as with most ‘off-the-shelf’ products.
  • Efficient User Experience – simple and quick to use , removing ‘questionnaire fatigue’. E.g. one feature allows your managers to rate ALL their direct reports in one sitting, reducing the time taken to complete by at least 50%
  • Rock solid IT and security– full data protection compliance, and reliability from a proven system. We are experts in working with secure corporate IT systems, compliant with ISO 27001.
  • No administration overhead – we administrate and provide full help-desk support to users, we provide a complete outsourced service.
  • We are Chartered Occupational Psychologists and contribute to ongoing research in performance and assessment, ensuring that we can bring the latest thinking and technology to our client collaborations.

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Supporting Human Resource, Talent and Performance applications including: Development, Team Building, Performance Management, Training Needs Assessment, Succession Planning and Leadership Development.

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