Assessor Skills Training for Assessment Centre Professionals

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Assessment Centre Assessor Training BPS Standard

Maximise the potential of your Assessment Centres & Development Centres by ensuring competence in your Assessors! 

Whether your Assessment Centre is for high volume recruitment or for higher-level strategic and technical roles, professionally qualified Assessors via our Distance Learning Assessor Skills Training package ensures that you get the best from your team and long term success. Once completed your Assessor will be trained to observe, record, classify and make reliable judgements about the behaviours of those being assessed for selection and development.

Working at your own pace in your own environment, this Assessor Skills Training provides Psychologist Tutor support via conference calls, telephone and emails. It follows the British Psychological Society (BPS) Assessment Centre Standard, it is accredited by the CPD Standards Office and is available to start immediately.

Distance Learning Training Includes:

  • 35 hour Module-based place of work or home study that you can start at any time including: Introduction to Assessment Centres, Skills of Assessment & Assessment Centre Procedures
  • Workbooks, Webinar-based sessions and training videos
  • Practical assessments via video conference call
  • On-going support from our Business Psychologists and Tutors throughout the learning experience.
  • CPD Accredit with an award of 35 hours.

Covering all of the New British Psychological Society’s (BPS) Assessment Centre Standards:cpd Accredited

  • Written Exercises
  • One-to-One Exercises
  • Group Exercises

 The full course including Certificates of attainment costs £600.00 plus postage.

If you want your Assessment Centres to be effective, you need to work from the top down – you need qualified Assessors and Observers who can objectively measure the  competence of your candidates.

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