Assessor Training a BPS Assessment Centre Standard Qualification by Distance Learning

Assessor Training for Assessment CentresBPS Assessor Training

Maximise the potential of your Assessment Centres by ensuring competence in your Assessors! 

Whether your Assessment Centre is for high volume recruitment or for higher-level strategic and technical roles, professionally qualified Assessors via our Distance Learning Assessor Training package ensures that you get the best from your team and long term success. Once completed your Assessor will be trained to observe, record, classify and make reliable judgements about the behaviours of those being assessed for selection and development.

Working at your own pace in your own environment, this Assessor Training with Psychologist Tutor support via virtual face-to-face meetings, telephone and emails, is a British Psychological Society (BPS) Assessment Centre Standard Qualification and is achievable within the next two weeks for Assessors & Observers for only £500 + VAT.

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If you have more than one member of staff that you would like to train as Assessment Centre Assessors or Observers then please contact us for a quote as we do offer multi-purchase discounts for our Distance & Blended Learning Training options.

Assessment Centre Design to support your Assessors

Using SMART initiatives we have revolutionised how we deliver assessment centres for our clients. From Exercise Design through to Full Delivery Consultancy we will help you put the best people in the right roles, and minimise the risk of a wrong hire. Using proven, objective measures we provide expert support for all stages of assessment. From carrying out Job Analysis, Designing Bespoke Exercises and Training Assessors, to Delivering Assessment Centres and Evaluating their effectiveness we cover all aspects of the Assessment Process. For a no-obligation discussion with one of our Consultant Psychologists please call 01285 861734 and we will advice you on how best to move forward.


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